In our Benznet Online Control Panel you can see an easy to use Web–site Builder tool, that can be used to design your web site. The Site Builder incorporates over a hundred one–of–a–kind web–site templates, obtainable in different color choices, that you can individualize to your taste. To create a brand new site, you don’t need to know HTML, PHP, CSS or some other back–end language. What you need to understand is how to work with the simple–to–operate manager with the Web–site Builder. It can be used to swiftly develop brand new web pages, change their details, add fresh elements to your website and even more.

An Intuitive Website Builder

No encoding working experience is called for

With the Site Builder integrated into the Online Control Panel, you’ll be able to release your personal site with straightforward point and click actions. Using the in–built editor, you can easily incorporate new web pages, control existing ones, alter the overall look of your site, and so on. If you’ve ever used a web app or something similar to Word or Excel, then you know exactly how to implement the Website Builder.

And the best part – you do not have to know the right way to craft and develop a site and will not need to use or learn any HTML, CSS and even PHP. And if you need support, you can check out Benznet’s how–to support posts and instructional videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Miscellaneous Site Layout Templates

More than 100 design themes to select from

The Website Builder tool incorporates a set of more than a hundred specific website templates. They are made to address the most widely used forms sites – blogs, private web sites, portfolios, online stores etc. Each of our entirely free themes will come with assorted color solutions and 2 diverse design variations.

At any time, you can easily switch the template of your website with an all new one, or alter the coloring pattern. All the web pages you have built are going to be saved and your site will be updated with the look and feel within seconds.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Video Lessons

Find out how straightforward it is to build a web site

Our Website Builder features a set of video lessons that will lead you from the stage of starting the application, to personalizing your existing web pages. The instructional videos are made in accordance with the frequently asked questions on the Web–site Builder in order to address what users will need to learn.

If you’d like further guidance, you may as well take a look at our detailed guides or get in touch with the 24x7 support staff.

Video Tutorials